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The Day Before

 First Things First

This blog reflects my personal ideas and opinions. Nothing I share in these posts has been reviewed, suggested, or approved by my current employer. While I reference activities in my daily work life, I always try to do so in a way that is positive.

Why This Blog

I’ve written many blogs over the years. Most of them have been directly associated with a particular company or project. This blog is different. It represents my current thinking and features only those things that are important and interesting to me.

In this sense, The Day Before is my attempt at recording my personal thinking and activities related to learning and education. It is about personal growth and documenting my own intentional (or unintentional) approach to life.

At the same time, this blog is also intended serve as a model for my composition students, giving them a view into the ideal-collection process of one person.

About Me

My name is Rob Reynolds and I am the Executive Director at TEL Library, a missional organization focused on making college-level learning affordable for everyone. I am a long-time blogger and educational technologist.